They have danced their last dance

Unfortunately some of my former dance students are no longer living. Sad but true. I’ll try to add them here for those of you to note, in case you also knew one or the other of them.

I can’t possibly note all that no longer live since I don’t know exactly who is no longer around. Plus I want to add pictures and that will take a long time.

Klaus-Jürgen Süß (29.04.1939-16.10.2009)

Klaus-Jürgen was a very enthusiastic dancer! He hated it when I had to cancel a dance night. He met his second wife, Helga, at my class.

I once sewed a Rumanian costume which he wore at nearly every class night!




1975-1978 Rodgau

The group in Rodgau-Jügesheim was my first group. They were part of the Catholic Youth Group. We did lots of demonstrations and organised parties/seminars. This is a picture of that group…we had just done a demonatration. The guys colorful „Russian“ costumes I sewed myself.

I also with this group learned about the German „Fasching“/carnival. Sometimes we had „original“ costumes, some which I managed to buy and we were often in the press. As you can see in the following press-picture I used longplay records…we didn’t have cassets yet. That meant dragging my records plus the record player every time!!

And we marched in local parades. The following pictures are from one of those parades.

Here I’m wearing one of my oroginal costumes.

And this is of one of the many seminars I organised. We had dancers attending from all over Germany. And at the end of all the learning we would have a fun party with various dances being done, often on request. And sometimes the visiting groups performed.

These pictures are of one of those visiting groups performing. The gal here with the microphone, Conny, was the teacher of that group. I knew her already for many years, we danced together with the Frankfurt group „Slawia“.

A Square Dance group from Wiesbaden also visited us and performed. And I was able to join in! The orange dress I, of course, sewed myself. My partner here was actually from a group in Hanau. And he sold me a „professional“ record player with speakers and microphone

And my husband visited with our 2 kids!

Our/My first Fasching perfomance was a can-can.The dresses, of course, sewed myself and I kept them for many years for many years.


Once a year we arranged a party at the local Grill place. It involved a lot of organising.

Here I’m dancing a Ukrainian dance at an exhibition with Klaus Wand, who I also knew from the group „Slawia“.