means "little flower" in Romanian



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Tanz Termine





There are a number of great Romanian dances with the name "Floricica". One of them is "Floricica Olteneasca", a fast and just a bit difficult dance. I named my dance groups "Floricica" after this dance, besides it also sounding nice. To pronounce it properly: floor-e-CHEE-ka 

Please correct me if I'm wrong... I don't speak any Romanian and my dictionary says Flower = Floare.


For years now I have been dancing folk dances from around the world. In order to share it with anyone interested, I decided to put together this homepage. For example, you can read about my dance history, how I began dancing and how it continued over the years. There are many pictures of my various groups, our performances, seminars and parties, travels, or when we were just having fun. I've left most of the text for my page in English. Occasionally I'll translate into German.

      "Leider" werden die meisten Text nur auf Englisch sein.... sorry! Es ist halt einfacher!


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