Jügesheim; 1975 - 1979


Katholische Jugend / Catholic Youth Group

VHS Rodgau



After my son was born in March, 1974, it was no longer possible to for me to regularly drive into Frankfurt to dance with the group "Slawia". I had a number of records and the Catholic Youth group was interested in learning, so I had my first attempts at teaching! I remember that on the first evening 17 youth showed up!


In December 1975 we had our first exhibition, for the Christmas Party of the local gymnastic club. The group continued to grow and we put together costumes and decide to give ourselves a name:




"Floricica" means "Little Flower" in Romanian and is the name of a very great, but difficult, dance. I first saw and learned the dance on my trip to Arandjdelovac, Yugoslavia, in August 1975.




Some of the first "Floricica" members.

In the news.....

 In 1976, short before my daughter was born, we organized our first folk dance party. It was a big success! We also organized seminars, folklore festivals and continued to perform at various local events,


Here I'm performing a Ukrainian dance, the "Hopak", with Klaus Wand. Klaus danced with us for many years until he moved to northern Germany in 1984. At the time he was teaching at the Volkshochschule in Aschaffenburg, which I took over when he left. Now, in 2004, I'm still teaching his former class!

The group in 1976 after a performance




The parties were a "family affair"...Hans-Michael with Carsten and Regina


The regularly organized outdoor festivals and dance parties. They were quite popular and attracted many visitors. Of course the group performed some of their dancers in costume.



the girls


the guys


Not only outdoors but also indoors parties were organized, usually in connection with seminars. Participants came from all over Germany. Again the group demonstrated their abilities.


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