Balboa Park in San Diego


Once while visiting Balboa Park with my parents, it must have been around 1960, I saw folk dancing for the first time. They danced in what was then the "Food & Beverage Building" and still danced there after my return from the Philippines in 1966. A few years later that building was torn down, but the dancers continued dancing, every Sunday afternoon.

Together with my best girl friend, Terry, I began driving there every weekend, as well as attending classes on some of the evenings. I continued to visit them over the years every time I came to visit from Germany, happy to refresh friendships and make new ones.

With time I performed in demos with some of the sub-groups that danced there. It was a fun time!

the original building

with Steve Henderson, 1968


with Paul, 1968

The "Gesundtheit Dancers" (no, I'm not in the picture)

Elisabeth Ulrich, on the far left, was a German lady and leader/teacher of this group. Occassionally I danced with them, like on October 20, 1968, at the Swiss Park in Chula Vista, where I met Michael.

During one of my visits, 1973, the group danced outdoors on the streets of Balboa Park and of course I joined in.


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