Babenhausen, Germany


It started out with an add I placed in the local newspaper on January 31, 1980. It read:

Tänzer u. Tänzerinnen gesucht.

Ehepaare oder Einzelpersonone. Wer hätte Lust, Folklore-Tänze zu lernen und eventuell aufzutreten?


Roughly translated: Dancers wanted. Couples or singles. Who has interest in learning folk dancing and eventually performing?


I soon received a call from the local gynmastics club with the offer to start a group with them. And soon we were going strong!


May 1980, our first performance

(sorry, but newspaper articles don't always scan good)


Dorrie - Jakob - Diane - Dale - Hedwig - Eileen

Giselinde - Oliver - Ursula

As you can see, we even had authentic costumes in the mean time. This was photo was at a performance at the Deutsch/Türkischen Kulturabend in Ober-Roden in November 1980.

The young man in the front row, Oliver, is now a professional dancer and a member of the German Television Ballet!! His parents, Jakob and Ursula, also danced with me back then as you can see. Visit his homepage:



Soon we started organizing parties and seminars. They were always well visited and were lots of fun. Often we had guests traveling from other parts of Germany just to join in.



Dorrie - Jakob - Ursula - Mayolein


a colorful group, but in this picture it looks like they're not sure of the steps!

Ursula - Mayolein - Oliver _ ?? - ?? - Dale - Hedwig - Giselinde


One of our first seminars with a "professional" instructor was with Alexandru David from California, USA. Alexandru David is an expert for Roumanian and Russian dances.


Alexandru demonstrating the basic steps. on April 30, 1981.


On May 1 - 3, 1981 we had a seminar about "Romaotation", a form of writing dance description notes, with Thor Henriksen from Norway. This seminar was especially fun. You can read more about it by following the link above.


It seemed were often in the press. The following picture was in the "Offenbach Post" on October 23, 1981.


Oliver - Ursula - Sabine - Dorrie - Michael - Michele


We soon had a childrens group going as well as the adults.


performance with the children in October 1982


We did regular performances, arranged more parties and seminars. Some of the instructors that visited us, just to name a view, were Moshiko from America with Israeli dances, Nicolai Apetri from Denmark with Roumanian dances,  and again Alexandru David.

A regular Highlight were the concerts of the Irish/American group "Golden Bough". Unfortunately they don't come to Europe very often any more, but their music is just marvelous! You can visit their homepage at . The main singer of the group, Margie Butler, was a childhood friend of mine!


Sorry for the poor quality. Unfortunately most photos were printed glossy and they don't scan well... maybe I can find the original negatives and make some better pictures.


On May 11, 1985, we celebrated our 5th anniversary with a big party. The photo bellow maybe will give you an impression of the many people who attended and the fun we had.




Even my son enjoyed himself, as you can see! And back then we still worked with records! No tape cassett's yet. So I had to continue dragging the 45's, LP's plus the necessary record player along with me every time.


June 1988


On May 19, 1990 the group celebrated it's 10th anniversary with a big party. In 1992 I moved far away from Babenhausen and since the number of members had greatly dwindled, we were now only about 5-8 members, the group dissolved. Some of the members joined my classes with the Volkshochschule in Aschaffenburg which I had started teaching in 1984.


I have very fond memories of my time in Babenhausen and I'm glad that I still have some contact to some of the members.

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