Volkshochschule Aschaffenburg;

1984 - present


aktuelle Termine / VHS Aschaffenburg & Gravenbruch


When Klaus Wand decided in 1984 to move to north Germany, he needed someone to take over the dance classes that he was teaching in Aschaffenburg. At the time I wasn't sure if I could manage it, since I still had the group in Babenhausen, but I decided to give it a try.


Now it's been almost 30 years since the first semester!! Over the years participants have come and gone. One couple is still dancing along since that first semester... in fact, they met each other in my class! Our biggest challenge was finding a decent room to dance in! For a time we danced at a ballet studio which was nice because it had the "swing" flooring and a wall with mirrors. Then we moved to the entrance of a school where we had very hard stone floors!! That was the very worst of all!


For some time now we have found a home in the gymnastics hall of a vocational school. This is really great, only that the classes have to often be canceled because the school needs the hall. Sometimes we get notified in time, but there have been the occasion when I drove all the there only to find the doors closed!



After dancing we used to go to a local restaurant for a drink and maybe something to eat. In 1989 we even had a Fasching costume party.




A few times we did some performances but in general the group just dances for fun. Once a year we would arrange a "semester end" party, usually around Christmas time.




For a while we had two quite large beginner and advanced classes, but that has had to be reduced to just one. It's not easy teaching beginners and advanced together, but so far we've managed. People would sometimes leave because they moved or just don't have the time.... and sometimes because they want to try out something new. It's a good feeling to have people signing up year after year... makes me think I'm doing something RIGHT! *grins*


Christmas Party 2005

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