Golden Bough

Original and traditional music in Celtic and American styles






Concerts in Germany

The following concerts were organised by me:


May 26, 1984; Babenhausen


October 27. 1985; Babenhausen


August 23, 1986; Babenhausen



It was quite a surprise to me when, back in 1983, Margie Butler contacted me. At the time I didn't know she had her own musical group and was "street singing" in Europe, trying to get a foot-hold. You see, Margie and I have known each other since way back when she went to kindergarten.... we grew up on the same street together!


The last time I saw her was at my wedding in 1970. Now she was married herself, to Paul Espinoza, and together they had formed the group "Golden Bough".


Together with Lief Sorbye and Florie Brown they were in Germany. Of course I invited them to visit me and then I was able to organise their first "real" concert in Germany. After that first concert we arranged 2 more in the following years. By then they had an official record contract and managing company. Their popularity had grown. Today they are concentrating more on their American market.



Margie on the left in pink at my wedding, 1970.




One of my favorite pictures... Margie's mom

together with me at my wedding